5 Things you didn’t know your car insurance covers

Car insurance covers are not significantly considered as an expense to have by the consumers. People usually believe that car insurance is mainly for major thefts and accidents and this is why they prefer to avoid the expense and try to be careful while driving so they don’t have the need to get their car insured. This article will help you learn about 5 amazing things you never knew that the car insurance covers.

Things you didn’t know your car insurance covers

  1. Pothole Damages
  2. Natural Disasters
  3. Riots
  4. Baby Car Seats
  5. Damages caused by Wild Animals

    Pothole Damage to Tires and Vehicles

Pothole Damages – Bumpy roads can be a real challenge for a driver to protect the car from getting damaged. Foreign objects and potholes can result in serious damages for the cars.

Preventing these potholes while you have to be careful with other drivers and pedestrians on the road becomes hard for a driver and this eventually results in damaging the wheels of the car. Such kind of damage can be claimed in the collision part of your insurance policy.

Automobile against damages from almost all natural disasters

Natural Disasters – Natural disasters like thunderstorms and Earthquakes cause massive destruction to properties and result in the loss of billions of dollars for people each year. Usually the home insurance doesn’t cover, such disasters, therefore people generally believe cars and vehicles may also not be covered for such damage.

However the comprehensive coverage of the car insurance covers all the damages caused by natural disasters as these are not caused by the owner’s fault. Add this coverage to your policy and save some of what you can from the natural destruction.

Riots break and protests

Riots – When riots break and protests on the streets happen, the cars that are parked are most prone to come under the attack.

The comprehensive coverage takes care of all the damages caused by mob attacks. It is therefore very helpful if your car is insured with a comprehensive coverage.

Baby safety seat

Baby Car Seats – It is a significant responsibility of the driver to drive with extra care while having a child on board. The safety of car seats is also a matter of concern for parents.

Insurance companies consider children’s car seats as a part of the car therefore they cover replacement or repair of car seats in case of any damage caused in accidents.

Damages to your cars caused by big animals

Damages caused by Wild Animals – If you are an adventure lover and often plan picnics in the woods and forests, then you are more likely to bear damages to your cars caused by big animals. The comprehensive insurance has all of such damages covered if your car is insured.

Don’t worry about the companies believing you about the source of damage as it is their job to identify it. All what you should know is that if you have the comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, you should be free to have wild picnics.

It becomes relieving when you come across the facts and clauses where you learn about the coverage for what you had least expected.

It is more like a surprise when the best auto insurance agents tell you that they are going to take care of the windscreen that was broken during a protest incident or they will replace your child’s car seat with a new one. So get your car insured today and stay worry-free.