Avoid Buying a Flood Damaged Vehicle

The occurrence of flood has increased in the past decade in numerous areas of the United States. While the reason for increased and intense flood occurrence is being debated by climate experts, it has been agreed that floods have brought more disaster than good. Houses have been damaged, crops have been washed away and people have been left without a proper settlement to stay which has burdened the economy. There are long lasting effects of floods as well and one of the most important ones is long lasting vehicle damage. For this better apply Auto Insurance Corpus Christi Quotes Texas policy all over USA

Depending on the depth of the car submerged in water during a flood, the damage can be long lasting and leaves problems for years to come. One of the first signs that can help to identify a flood damaged car is the salvage title. Cars that have been damaged in a flood will carry a salvage title. It does not necessarily means that cars do not carry salvage title have not been damaged in flood. Title washing (erasing evidence of a car’s past) occurs frequently and cars can still be damaged by flood without the salvage title.

Certain areas are more prone to flooding. You can check the title of the car to see whether it was transferred from a flood damaged area or not. This can help you make the decision of buying a car. Bending and turning wires can also help to identify a flood damaged car since wet wires become brittle and crack easily under a small amount of strain.

A flooded car will have signs of being wet for a while. It will have a misty odor that comes from mildew. The gauges of the car will also show sign of water since flooding causes water to penetrate and move inside the gauge window. Some hidden areas inside the car can also show signs of flooding, even if someone tried to cover it up. The buyer must check the inside of trunk, beneath the seats and inside the dashboard for any signs of dirt, dust, mud or any other material that should not be present at those spots. Door speakers should also be checked since flooding causes them to stop functioning.

After all the visual inspection, one must make sure to ask the dealer directly if the car has been damaged by flood or not. The dealer might tell you the truth, lie or deflect the question in some manner. Judging by his response and body language, the buyer can make a decision and decide for himself whether the car has been salvaged or not. In these technological times, it is also recommended that the person should research as ask around about the dealer to ensure that no complaints have been lodged about the car from that specific dealership.

Before the final decision is made, it is also recommended that the car should be inspected by a trusted and certified mechanic. A mechanic will thoroughly check the car and help you make an informed decision. A flood damaged car can cause trouble at any time that can add up to a large amount of money. With these few precautions and tips for inspection, you can steer clear of a flood damaged car and avoid buying a menace for some time to come.

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