What type of auto insurance coverage is required in Texas

Texas auto insurance laws:

If you have recently shifted to Texas, obtained your driving license or bought your first car you cannot sit on the driving seat and fasten your seat belt before you obtain your auto insurance. In Texas it is mandatory to have auto insurance. Your car’s registration cannot be completed unless you show proof of auto insurance. So what type of auto insurance coverage is required in Texas? Here are the details with regard to Texas auto insurance requirements.

Types of auto insurance coverage in Texas:


This is type of insurance is mandatory in Texas. It pays for the costs pertaining to the other party member’s injuries resulting from an accident that you caused. In Texas it is mandatory to have a minimum of $30,000 per person for bodily injury liability while $60,000 for the whole accident.

This protects you against the damage caused to the property of the other party, which is usually the car of the other party. In Texas you must have a minimum of $25,000 in coverage of property damage liability.

When answering the question as to what type of auto insurance is required in Texas, these were the mandatory auto insurance coverage. However, these are not enough usually and you must get either or all of the following types of auto insurance coverage.

This type of auto insurance coverage protects you against damages that result from an accident of the other party’s fault which is either uninsured or under insured to fully pay for your damage.

Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages caused by factors such as theft, vandalism, fire and natural calamities such as floods and hurricanes.

This coverage protects against damages that arise from an accident whereby your car hits some fence or pole.

Texas state and auto insurance check:

Texas state government is very particular about auto insurance verification. Once you have obtained the insurance, you will be issued an insurance card by the company. You will be required thereafter to carry this proof of auto insurance with you wherever you drive in Texas.

If you are not able to show your card to Texas police, when asked for, you could be fined for that. If this offense is repeated again and again, the consequences can be quite severe. Your driving license can be suspended or you could be fined for an amount as huge as $1000. The state government of Texas is taking all steps to ensure that the taxpayers of Texas are not too burdened by the uninsured motorists in the state.

They have come up with a program called TexaSsure which records the names and information of all the motorists that are insured. Through this database, the uninsured motorists are prevented from showing fake proof of insurance in the form of expired or fraudulent insurance card.