10 Things Your Auto Insurance Company Will Never Tell You

10 Things Your Auto Insurance Company Will Never Tell You

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10 Things about Insurance Company

I got really disappointed back in time when my insurance company hid some important things from me. Maybe, it’s part of their rules but I feel to unfold these secrets so that drivers step carefully.

If I won’t tell you here, you might not know in your life. So, remember me whenever your insurer tries to trick you. He can’t unless you don’t know an ‘I’ of insurance.

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10 Secrets Your Insurer Hides From You

You Can Hire a Lawyer

Yes, it’s shocking that you didn’t know this before. You can hire an attorney after you have a crash. The auto insurance company does not suggest this on their own as they may have to pay more money for your loss. Therefore, they will describe it as a useless, lazy task. Ask them why you can’t and make the next call to your lawyer when involved in an auto accident.

Rates Are Never the Same

Auto insurance rates keep on changing. Keep a check on a yearly basis. The changes are for this reason that your driving record is improving over time and you’re now a safe driver. When you’ll buy a policy of a new company after a year, your negative points will off the driving record and will take you off from the high-risk category.

Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

After the accident, it is possible that the other party insurer sounds really humble on the phone call. They do this to take out the information from you and to protect themselves for the money they will pay you.

Your Case Might Be Worth More

If you’re going through personal injuries, take it seriously. Don’t settle for a low payment at first offered you by your auto insurance adjuster. You can’t get a second settlement so claim according to the extent of injuries.

The Insurance Adjuster will Get Pally to You

Your auto insurance adjuster will ask you for your medical bills and will make you agree on a statement like this, “I’m not that injured” or ‘This was my fault’. Don’t get fooled and sign any medical authorizations.

Comparing Auto Quotes Saves Money

This is 100% tried and tested. Comparing auto insurance quotes are the key to get the cheapest one. Don’t get impressed with any company until you find the best price for the best coverage offer.

Your Policy Is Not a Long-Term Contract

You can look for another auto insurance policy. Your premiums are not locked into one company and don’t even worry about the termination fees.

You Have Rights No Matter What

Collect all evidence to make your case strong. Don’t wait for the action that can be taken against you over a bad crash. You have a right to sue for your suffering.

You Can Have a Second Examination

Visit another doctor if you’re not satisfied with one. This is called the second examination so that fair assessment of your injuries is done and you could use these for the compensation you need for the insurance company. Your auto insurance company will never tell you this.

You Can Always Fight Back

If your insurer doesn’t pay up for your damages or deny your claims. You have a right to fight back for your benefits. Make them pay you the money you deserve.

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