7 Bad Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

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You Need To Know 7 Bad Driving Habits That Damage Your Car For Austin People

Cars have been around for a while, and they are undoubtedly the most common means of transportation generically speaking. With that in mind, we must ensure that the condition of our car remains proper and in premium condition throughout its life for a smooth ride.

A Damage Car breakdown can not only lead to tedious and unwanted time delays but also brings financial and mental stress with it. To avoid this from happening, we take our cars to the mechanic once in a while; get the fluids and oil changed as well as the parts that have worn out.

There are many causes of the damage done to it, but the most ignored causes of this era have been known to be careless driving habits. Driving properly is not as easy as it seems and there have been numerous occasions on which bad driving habits have caused it breakdowns. We will discuss some of the major ones below.

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Ignoring The Parking Brake
Ignoring the Parking Brake

Regardless of where you are parked (level road or inclined plane), always use the parking brake to ensure that the weight of the car is carried by the parking brake and not on the wheel brakes. Excessive force can cause quick wear and tear of wheel brake components.

Resting Hands On The Shifter
Resting hands on the shifter

Shifter or the gear stick in manual cars are one of the favorite spots of a driver’s hand. But resting the hand, there can cause the gear to grind against the connecting rod that is moving with the engine. This can cause unnecessary wear of the slider in the gearbox.

Keeping The Clutch Engaged While Riding
Keeping the clutch engaged while riding

Some manual car drivers have been known to drive with their clutch engaged. This causes the pressure plate to be constantly engaged with the flywheel of the car (which it is not supposed to) that can cause very early clutch wear and failure.

Keeping The Fuel Tank Less Than Half
Keeping the fuel tank less than half

Riding the car on less than half the fuel tanks can cause resting debris and particles on the fuel tank floor to move into the engine that can lead to numerous types of failures and wear and tear. This is because when the car is low on fuel it pumps the fuel from the bottom of the tank carrying sediments with it.

Starting And Stopping Abruptly
Starting and Stopping abruptly

Starting and stopping quickly consumes more fuel and also causes wear and tear of brake and engine parts due to excessive forces involved with it.

Riding Brakes Downhill

Riding brakes downhill

When going downhill, the car must move on its momentum rather than being engaged. Keeping the brakes pressed while moving can cause an early brake failure leading to a quick breakdown and even an injury.

Ignoring Caution Signs Of The Car

Witness lights on board table symbols signs explanations

Last but not the least, listen to the signs in the car. There are numerous caution signs such as the ‘check engine’ light that tells the driver about problems that may have arisen.

With technological advances, these signals are more accurate and the driver must be aware of what these signals mean so that the car can be fixed as quickly as possible.

There is one solution that keeps away your stress and worries, better insurance your car, using Austin Auto Insurance policies.

7 Bad Driving Habits That Damage Your Car
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7 Bad Driving Habits That Damage Your Car
A Damage car breakdown can not only lead to tedious and unwanted time delays, but also brings financial and mental stress with it.
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