Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cover Me On Another Bike?

motorcycle insurance

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Riding a motorcycle can be really thrilling. You feel like a free bird on a motorcycle. However, it can be really dangerous as well. Motorcycles accidents are especially really grave. Hence motorcycle insurance is a must.

Bike insurance is very useful when you are riding your bike. But what happens when you are riding your friend or your brother’s bike?

The answer to this depends on a lot of factors. It depends on your insurance policy provider, the person whose bike you have been riding and the duration for which you have been riding the bike. In most cases, when you are riding someone else’s bike you may be partially covered.

However, it depends on the insurance provider whether you will be fully covered or not riding someone else’s bike. Here are some important things you need to know about motorcycle insurance coverage.

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Motorcycle Insurance:

Typically, motorcycle insurance covers damages to others as well as yourself and your bike as per liability insurance. Those who own more than one bike can get a multi-bike insurance policy. In most states, you must have motorcycle liability insurance. It is as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability whereby you will be protected if you cause damage to someone else while riding your bike.
  • Property damage liability whereby you will be protected if you cause damage to someone else’s property while riding your bike.

Motorcycle liability insurance is quite inexpensive to obtain. However, it does not cover damages that occur to you or your bike.

Different Kinds Of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage:

Motorcycle liability insurance is not sufficient to give required level of financial protection. You need to augment your insurance through additional coverage option. Here are some of them.

Personal Injury Protection:

If you sustain injuries while riding your bike during an accident, personal injury protection pays for the medical bills. It does not matter who was at fault during the accident.

You can decide as to what claim limits to set for the personal injury protection coverage. A wide assortment of costs is covered under PIP including lost wages and child care expenses.

Motorcycle Repair Protection:

Also known as mechanical breakdown insurance, it covers some kinds or repairs to your motorcycle. If you want to get the engine fixed or transmission repaired, the coverage will pay for it.

Some insurance companies require a certain amount of deductible to be paid before every visit. Whether or not you have to pay deductible depends on your insurance company.

Collision Coverage:

Collision coverage pays for damages to your motorcycle in case of an accident in which your motorcycle collides with another vehicle or object. You have to pay the amount of deductible before your claim starts processing.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Comprehensive coverage pays for damages sustained by your motorcycle in case of events such as fire, theft, weather related factors like hurricanes or any act of vandalism. Whether comprehensive or collision coverage you should expect to get paid with respect to standard parts.

If you want any additional feature or paintwork you might not be recovered. You might need to discuss the likelihood of such a claim when you sign the contract with the insurance company. Maybe you pay premium higher for request

Roadside Assistance And Towing:

This kind of coverage helps you tow your bike to the nearest mechanic, get your battery fixed, or deliver things like oil, fuel or water free of charge. This type of insurance is very useful however, it comes at the cost of a high premium rate.