How Can We Negotiate Lower Car Insurance Rates?

Negotiate car insurance rates

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Car insurance rates on the rise:

With the rising prices of car, insurance rates have been on the rise as well. Soaring energy prices have also contributed to the ever increasing trend of car insurance rates. However, there are ways you can make use of manage your car insurance premiums in an affordable way. Following are some of them.

Ways to get affordable auto insurance:

  • Window shopping:

Before you select your insurance company, make sure you do good deal of window shopping and go through offerings of various companies. Compare the offerings of different companies to help you arrive at the best decision. There are many apps and websites that offer comprehensive analysis about the different insurance companies. When you do your homework, keep in mind the factors that will influence your choice of your company. For example, if you have a second hand SUV or a car having good safety features, you can settle for just sufficient insurance coverage.

  • Set high deductible:

Deductible is the amount that you have to pay yourself when an accident occurs. This amount is decided when you form agreement with the insurance company. If you set a high deductible, you can have lower premium payments. This can make your auto insurance affordable.

  • Choose coverage options wisely:

There are several coverage options to choose from. Make sure you make choice that bests suits your needs. For example if you and your family are covered sufficiently by health insurance, there is no need to go for personal injury liability. If the area where you live has high rate of theft and vandalism or is subject to extreme weather conditions, it is better to spend your money on comprehensive coverage. If you have a second hand car you can skip collision coverage or even comprehensive coverage.

  • Bundle your insurance policies:

Insurance companies prefer clients who have all their policies bundled with them. It is convenient for the company to handle such clients. Such clients are rewarded with substantial discounts. It is not only convenient for the company but yourself too if you have your insurance policies bundled together. It means less of paperwork and hassle to go through making life a lot easier.

  • Maintain a good driving record:

If you want an affordable insurance rate, drive carefully and maintain a good record. Clients who have a clean driving history are rewarded with discounts and promotional offers.  On the other hand, those who have a poor driving record are risky for companies to insure. They are charged a high premium rate.

  • Maintain a good credit score:

A good credit score helps you negotiate better insurance rates. Those manage their credit efficiently they are likely to file lesser claims. So it is better to be prudent and clear all your liabilities on time.

  • Manage your miles per year wisely:

Companies also consider driving pattern and habits when arriving at premium rates. If you take public transport to work and use your car only for leisurely purpose you can use this fact to your benefit and negotiate affordable insurance rate. Using car pool to work also helps earn low mileage discounts.

  • Use your negotiations skills to the best:

To get cheap auto insurance you must be firm and strong in your approach when negotiating your deal.  Having said that, you need to be polite and willing to make things work in order to get a win win situation.

Things to keep in mind:

Car insurance rates are important to negotiate. However, do not get too much involved in rate only that you compromise the quality of service when need arises. You must not give the impression that you do not care if the company responds promptly when needed as long as you are paying lower rates. Using these tips you can negotiate a lower car insurance rate for yourself.