Things You Didn’t Know About Auto Insurance Quotes

Things You Didn’t Know About Auto Insurance Quotes

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About Auto Insurance Quotes

If you think you know everything about auto insurance policies, think again. There are a lot of things that have remained uncovered for whatever reasons.

From numerous benefits worth availing to subjects no one knew your auto insurance policy could cover, we’re breaking down the secret code just for you.  

Auto Insurance Policy renewal

Many of us fear surpassing the due date of our insurance policies and wonder how much of a hefty fine one must pay. The good news that you’re probably not aware of is that each client is given a window period comprising of 90 days during which you can easily get it renewed.

Auto Insurance Coverage towards towing charges

Whether you’re planning a drive out in the remote areas or considering the highway, the fear of getting your car towed is always lurking. What many of us may not be aware of is a simple but effective solution regarding towing problems. Many auto insurance policies offer this great benefit so be aware and live tension free when on the road.

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Multiple drivers affecting coverage rates

Thinking of ways on how to reduce coverage rates can be a daunting task for many. But did you know reducing the number of drivers using your vehicle can in turn reduce your premiums? Yes you heard that right. When you sign up for your policy, make sure to limit the number of drivers that can drive your vehicle.

Truth behind comprehensive auto insurance coverage

If you think comprehensive auto insurance coverage covers everything, think again. There are a number of things your coverage is limited to and this is why going through your policy is more necessary than ever.

Replacement of the key

Losing your key or getting it trapped in the ignition is a problem many individuals come across on a daily basis. Many auto insurance coverage policies offer reimbursement of the new key. Just remember to discuss this with your insurer beforehand.

Coverage against natural disasters

Home insurance does not provide protection against natural disasters of any sort. If you wish to gain coverage against floods and earthquakes for example, you can add them to the list of your comprehensive or collision claims and reap the benefits of doing so.

Pet injury coverage

It isn’t an uncommon sight to see pets being injured while riding in vehicles. To help protect your pets in the best manner possible, keep a heads up for auto insurance policies providing pet injury coverage. It can also be included in your comprehensive or collision coverage from the start so be aware and ask your insurer.

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